My work seeks to question the ‘self’ and personal subjectivity through movement, specifically in a female body. As a choreographer, I strive to create a performance experience that is familiar but other-worldly for performers and audiences -- allowing each moment to be known and discovered simultaneously. I research how societal systems, technology, and behaviors of control disrupt our notions of “self” and “the body,” and how choreography can be a tool to showcase the permutations of identity and individual perception we hold over our bodies. I work at the intersection of contemporary dance and physical theater with attention to gesture and audience.


In the past few years, I have turned my practice to investigate the human body’s relationship with technology. This is firstly underscored by my innate philosophical fascination between the physical self and virtual self via digital technology. I have a growing curiosity with the discussion of the physical body in immaterial digital platforms, and how this separation from the physical world complicates, or recreates, our sense of self and reality. This research includes the use of immersive digital technologies in performance (such as live stream video projection, Motion Capture technology, VR, AR, Artificial Intelligence devices and 360 video). My practice is a way for me to manifest the expressions of self, and the body, I witness online and how to make sense of this multiplicity of self through the Internet.


Currently based in Berlin, Carly was a 2018-2019 US Fulbright Artist to Germany (affiliated with at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin and in residency with Tanzfabrik Berlin) exploring dance styles with new immersive technologies. Over 2019, she choreographed and directed a pioneering performance work, Golem, which used motion-capture technology and Virtual Reality to explore movement between the physical and virtual worlds. Golem premiered at Uferstudios July ‘19, and has been invited to tour to Prague with the Goethe Institute in 2020. Since moving to Berlin, she has been commissioned by the Maxim Gorki Theater, shown at Uferstudios and Tanzfabrik Berlin; she has also given lectures on art+tech at the Republica Digital Technology conference, and Stanford University, Cottbus Technical University, Lüneberg University, and Humboldt Universität zu Berlin.


She holds a BA in American Studies and Dance from Stanford University. She previously worked in San Francisco, California, where her work appeared in theatres including ODC San Francisco, the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance, Joe Goode Annex, and through residencies with the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance & Mark Foehringer Dance Project. She received her early training from San Francisco Conservatory of Dance under Summer Lee Rhatigan, Alex Ketley, Robert Moses, Bobbi Jene Smith, Diane Frank and Muriel Maffre among others.

Currently she is funded by the Goethe Institute developing an international dance workshop series titled “Golem Labor” which researchers motion capture technology and dance.



Carly Lave CV